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Digital Camera World
Eerie Edits | Creative Collaboration
Spring 2018

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Digital Camera World
Collaborate - When Cities Meet
Spring 2017

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Projeto "Phantasma'
February 2017

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Sao Paulo Sao
Projeto funde Paris e Nova York em fotos para criar uma cidade imaginária
February 2017

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Kombini Arts
Partez à la découverte d'une ville imaginaire qui mélange Paris et New York

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Phantasma, le projet photo surréaliste qui fusionne Paris et New-York

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Incredible Project Mixing Photos of Paris and New York

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Ecco a voi la città più bella del mondo

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Surreal Photos That Blend Images of Paris and New York City

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City Magazine

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Darlin Italy
Un mashup di fotografie di Parigi e di New York

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Two iconic cities thousands of miles apart share a skyline

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Photography Masterclass Issue 47
Featured Image: Broadway

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Defying photographic norms in NYC and Paris

Photographize Magazine
Featured Artist

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Photography Masterclass Issue 42
Featured Image: Unconventional View III

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Edge of Humanity Magazine
Surreal Architectural Photography – New York City

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The Artbo
What do you See? By Carla DLM

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A Surreal Tryst With Light & Motion

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Photography Masterclass Issue 38
Featured Image: Unconventional View II

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Photography Masterclass Issue 36
Featured Image: Unconventional View I

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SeeMe includes one of Carla DLM photograph as part of it's Architecture Collection - 2015 Fifth Annual Exposure Award

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Practical Photography
May Issue 2016 - Page 20